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    Quote Originally Posted by JAM1096 View Post
    Unethical, yes. Illegal, yes. That would be fraud.
    In the application and program guidance it states that lay off dates must be within 90-days of the grant close out or 12-30-13. I highly doubt they will be issuing grants by then so the assumption is the ff will be laid off by the time grants start coming out. If you are contacted about a grant award but the employees haven't ben laid off like your application said you most likely wouldn't loose the grant, but may have to file additional paperwork since you are now retaining rather than re-hiring which could have changed your score in PR.

    Similar but different issue a few years ago, applied to fill 9 positions that WER laid off, by the time the FD got the grant award an income tax increase had been passed and 6 of the 9 were already re-hired, grant award was for 9 based upon the application but once the new info was received by DHS they only awarded the remaining 3 positions.

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    So when is SAFER peer review and what is the guess on when awards begin?

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    I believe Peer in next week, Sept 9-13th in Georgia

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    Peer review is indeed next week, September 9-13. Already have my tickets in hand.

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