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    Not sure if this is the best spot for this. What is the best route to go for looking at forest fire fighting jobs. USA jobs has a lot posted but are they good? Is there another route to go? What is pay like? What is the actual life like? Things of that nature. I'm from NY so I do not have too many buddies around here that go off and fight forest fires during the season. Any insight and help is appreciated!

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    You were born on the wrong coast

    Do a search lots of info on the site (2014 season?)

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    Are you looking to work out west or stay home in the east?

    If you are looking to stay home in the east, I would start looking for any USFS, BLM, State, Fish and Game and even private contractor offices in the areas you want to work come December and start calling around. Ask questions about how to apply, when to apply and what you need or what looks good to have on an application/resume. Once you have figured out where you want to work, start going into offices and talking to the hiring managers, let them put a face to the name. After that, the rest is up to them and hopefully you get picked up.

    If you are looking to come out west, I would apply for as many places as you can out here. Find the states you would want to work in and apply to as many places as you can. There are a ton of USFS offices and BLM offices and even State offices out here. I would get numbers and call around to ask the same questions to people out here just to show your interest. The more places you apply the better chance you will have.

    I can't speak to what wildland firefighting will be like on your side of the country but I am currently on a Wildland engine out of Utah and this is my 6th season here. If you do get hired out west, expect most of your summer to be consumed by the job. You will work ALOT. You will work long hours and alot of days in a row but with those two things comes good money. Some days will be harder than others and your first season might be an adjustment working that much but before you know it, the summer will be gone and you will have a good cushion in your bank account. It's definitely not for everyone but if you do try it and end up loving it, you will have a long career ahead of you! Hope this helped, good luck to you!

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