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    Default Taking the door, Hinge side or Pin/Staple?

    Routine door removal, what do you go for first?

    While writing this I realize its not a fair question because it would end up being situational. Assuming the door wont open it is more than likely because one side or the other is impaired to some degree which would most likely determine what I attack first in a real life situation.

    But lets make it easy, virgin vehicle, training situation. Both sides undamaged easy access. What do you go for first and why?

    Personally, I find it faster to take the pin/stable side because I may just need to get an uninjured victim out and the door is simply stuck shut. If I want to remove the entire door, I think the hinges are the way to go based on the decent chance that when I hinge the door on the staple/pin it may pop itself off saving me a cut/spread and furthermore, time.

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    I prefer the latch side as well, because you usually only have one point of resistance there--the latch or pin. If you attack the hinge side first, you will probably have to fight through both hinges before opening.

    And once the pin fails, the door will probably swing right open. If you take the hinges first, you'll still have to come back and get the pin side as well.
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    Like you said in your original post it really depends on the situation. For your typical single victim, moderate to minor damage T/C my thought process is our damage should reflect the vehicle damage. Light damage =s disentanglement or a simple pop. Moderate damage =s remove the door completely. Major damage =s take the roof or create as large of an opening as reasonable based on the situation.

    I teach my guys that if we are going to take the door (situational driven) after our Engineer secures the power to the vehicle (PDA) to immediately crush the fender (after we peek in the wheel well), peel and peek and then work the hinges. With all the airbags that they're putting in the newer cars I prefer my guys to work from the outside in, my opinion is that when we work pin side out we place ourselves in an area where we are possibly between airbags. It's very rare that once we get the hinges popped that we don't have enough space to work and the super medics can have enough space to work also. Try this, open the hinge side and open the pin side and see which gives you the most room (based on your typical vehicles in your first due) and then whichever opens the most room and is the safest to do I say do.

    Just a few things to think on.....
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    a fender (Dutch) crunch to open up the hinges and cutting the hinges usually is less "violent" - but too many factors to say one way or the other. I say practice and do what works best /easiest for YOU.

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