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    Default Albemarle County VA

    Hey all

    I see that Albemarle has apps open for FF/Medic positions, I applied. I know there are guys from VA on here I am just looking for some extra info on the place. I know they are a combo dept and looks like they are growing added 3 new stations in the past 10 years.

    Hopefully somebody here knows someone who works/worked there and could give me some insight about what its like working there.

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    I have a friend who works for the county. It is a growing department, used to play second fiddle to Charlottesville Fire and CARS (City EMS, all-volunteer) they are now the largest and fastest growing dept in the area by far and the best as far as career growth. As far as call volume he said the county ran around 14,000 calls total for 2014 Fire and EMS. Great pay, they just implemented a large CDP program, they are adding a new station (16) within the next 5 years and their volunteer base is shrinking everyday so I would expect them to be hiring several positions within the next few years. They currently have 24 hour shifts and 6 am - 6 pm daylight stations (4 days a week) but those are just at rural volly stations, and most of those stations have very few volunteers. They don't see very much fire, but their EMS is top-notch and their protocols are getting more progressive. Definitely a great dept.

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