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    Default Highway Safety with HOV Lanes

    When responding to a traffic incident in a metro area, you may encounter a situation where the crash occurs in a specially marked lane; the HOV or High Occupancy Vehicle lane. These special purpose lanes exist in and around more and more cities as a means of addressing commuter congestion, especially during rush hours.

    HOV lanes are 'separated' from the general travel lanes with either painted markings, flexible pylons, or possibly a solid, concrete jersey barrier. Depending on what design is present for your HOV lanes, you have to react to the situation differently.

    The image below shows a 'best practice' for an HOV crash where the separators are flexible pylons. Note that the engine is in a 'block-to-the-right' and that the HOV lane as well as Lane 1 of the highway has been blocked.

    For those of you who have HOV lanes in your response district, how do you handle this same situation when flexible pylons are present?
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