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    Default Jobs and the background process.

    Over the past years, i've been laid off from several jobs. All have been money related and i was laid off once during my probation period because my dad was in the hospital and I called in sick. I'm a hard worker and rarely call in sick, am always on time and my supervisors from my jobs can attest to my great attitude at work. My only concern would be that one job where i got laid off during probation period. I've also had more jobs than most because of temp assigments and relocations. I've never done drugs, never been involved in any illegal activities and have never had negative run ins with law enforcement. I am a "late bloomer" as i like to call myself because up until a year and a half ago, i didn't really know what my calling in life was. I had always been interested in the fire department but was always told i should be doing something else. However, my passion is civil service.

    Just seeking some advice as to how my jobs situation would affect me.


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    Should not as long as the business tells the same story

    We require an applicant to list every job and reason for moving on.

    If still in business we will talk to them

    Some will talk, some will just say they worked here, some will say they are or are not rehirable

    Some people have a lengthy work history and yes the reasons have to be taken into account

    You just need to be able to explain the reason for leaving each job

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    I can definitely explain the reason for leaving every job. There is, i believe, maybe one or two companies who are no longer open. But I can find out that info if i need. And yes, the companies will definitely say the same thing i say.

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    A candidate with a history of multiple jobs is a red flag. As you have very clearly outlined, there are really good reasons for your situation. You will have the opportunity to discuss this when you get to a background investigation.

    For a candidate who may be considering moving from one job to another, you may want to think twice about it. Whatever your choice, remember to give the appropriate two week notice and do not burn any bridges.
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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