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    Hey FDNY Brothers....I will be in town visiting from October 9th through the 13th, and was wondering if I could stop by a firehouse and visit for a few minutes. I promise to knock with my elbows. Please PM me if any of you will be working during this time period, or may have a suggestion as to where I could stop in.

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    I'm not on the job FDNY but I have been an avid FDNY buff for years. I can tell you where NOT to go:

    -Don't go to 10/10. These poor guys have to deal with every glass licking drooler in the known universe who is either a volley, career guy, or a buff or has a friend or relative who are one of the three. I hear stories about how their door gets knocked on 24/7/365 by anyone and everyone who is visiting the WTC site. They ask all kinds of annoying, obnoxious questions, etc. Leave these guys alone.

    -Don't go to 54 Engine and 4 Truck (8th ave at 48th St.) Same deal. Anyone and everyone who's third cousin twice removed is a volly in Pigs Knuckle Arkansas stops here at all hours of the day and night.

    -Many of the "visible" stations in and below Midtown get slammed with visitors. Keep in mind that you will never get a bad reception from an FDNY station, but that they will be a little less than overly jouyous to see you at these places.

    -Companies off the beaten path are better. Companies above mid town are better. Companies out of Manhattan entirely are preferred. Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and stop in at E207/L110 on Tillary Street, that's always a good house. E205/L118 is a good stop too. E211 L119 on Hooper Street, good place. If you want to venture further out, E243/L168 in Bensonhurst good place. Squad 1, good place....Rescue 2 if you can catch them in quarters. (go there daylight only.)

    Companies up in Harlem and the Bronx are outstanding, some that come to mind are E59/L30, E68/L26, E69/L28, E60/L17, E88/L38, E46/L27 and of course the world famous E82/L31. And yes, knock with your elbows.
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