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    Post How to Turn Your Idea into a Money Maker

    As firefighters most of us have thought of what we think is a good idea or better mouse trap.

    Developing an idea into a product takes money, time and maybe more funds than expected.

    Have you used a Crowdfunding site to promote an idea and was it successful?
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    It is against the terms of service to advertise in the forums on this website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FyredUp View Post
    It is against the terms of service to advertise in the forums on this website.
    Yeah, only they can do that with their annoying little ads you can't get rid of sometimes. Makes you not want to ever purchase that good or service, EVER!!! HINT WEBTEAM!!!

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    Crowdfunding is little more than a "poor man's" stock market. There are numerous sites that will assist an individual in using the technique - not just one or a few.


    Remember that at one time, the Halligan bar was someone's idea of a "better mousetrap."
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