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    Cool Chugach and its contracts

    Hey all I used to frequent this site but after I cot over to afghanistan I wasn't on as much. I wanted to see if anyone that is currently at Kwajalein knows the hiring status of their department? I've always wanted to go out there and could see myself being there for many years. If anyone has info on Kwaj i'm interested in any and all info I can find out.

    I was really interested in the Shemya Alaska and appplied there too but it looks as if the contract changed quite a bit.

    Also, I am aware that there are some other Kwaj forums out there. I just wanted to start a new fresh one and see what I can get. Thanks for your time stay safe.

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    I would also like to find out more about the current status of Kwaj and hiring there. I'm a civilian Firefighter/Paramedic working at a base that is about to shut down the fire department due to losing planes and budget cuts.

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