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Thread: Helmet lights?

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    I have a FoxFury command 20 so does about 5 others on my dept. I truthfully love it .A dept near me gives it to their members as standard issue, they love it. Iíve read reviews that the band is junk...idk what light they got but I or no one Iíve ever talked to have ever had any issues. But the band is rubber and we all know what happens to rubber when it get hot.
    That being said the light is awesome cuts though light to moderate smoke. Has a wide angle of light,one of the thing i love about it. Helps keeps u from getting tunnel vision. Over all I love the light. I trust my life with it every day.

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    I use a Streamlight Poly Tac 90 (45 bucks) on the FRONT on my helmet. It works great when using a GUTS HM1 bracket because I can rotate the light to shine down or forward. I agree the helmet light is secondary but I still use it a lot. My primary light is the Streamlight Survivor LED. I like the LED lights because it uses less battery power & thus runs longer.

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    The old throw away Garrity lights are always a good way to go (they cost like 3 bucks), I had previously been using a Brinkman light. Aluminum construction with LED bulbs, only problems the push button was really tough to push with gloves on so I took it off my helmet and put it on my radio strap for a light source on EMS runs and such.

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    Personally I use always have a Survivor LED affixed to my coat. Its probably the most dependable light I have come across.

    I hate helmet lights and hate when people use them at fires. Thats great that it lights up whatever you look at for you, but it also blinds anyone you look at if you don't turn the thing off. If anything as stated the old school gerraghty light is not so bad because it is a cheapo moderate power light. The new LED stuff is just too powerful to be hitting people in the eyes with in an otherwise 0 visibility environment.

    Where I volly, a bunch of guys purchased the streamlight vantage in the last year and its essentially a high power tactical weapon light mounted to your helmet. Its way too much.

    That said, I greatly prefer the light from a halogen over LED simply because LEDs can be so bright they turn into a laser beam and I also prefer the hue of a halogen over the true white of an LED.

    If I really wanted to get a light and money was no option, I would be buying the brightstar lighthawk. Weighs next to nothing for its size and its powerful. Sadly its $250 so no thanks.

    Other solid options for you to consider are the PowerPlus series of lights that can be had with charger for $150 or the streamlight vulcan.
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    Streamlight Vantage all the way. It cuts through smoke very well, it has a nice blue backlight feature which makes you very easy to locate, and it is practical for use in just about any low light environment. More than anything, I have found it to be very helpful for smoke investigations in attic spaces.

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