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    Our county did not have a 9/11 memorial service that I am aware of. Dispatch toned out a moment of silence, and I believe there was a moment at the courthouse. But other than that, nothing. I took my turnout gear to school and showed some videos of the history to students who were too young to remember that day.

    Are there just too many crises today to keep up with old news? It seems since the tenth anniversary the memorials have fallen off. Or is this just a local problem? Are the rest of you experiencing this? I'm not sure what to do about it, either. Thoughts?

    On the good side-we tested NPQ standards today for the latest training class, and added seven new FF1 brothers to the ranks. Five members of another area department added FF2. It was heartening to see that.

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    My volunteer department participated in two different ceremonies on 9/11 this year - one at the high school in our first due, and one at a church in our second due. My career department posted about it on the department Facebook page, as well as posting photos of our stations that put out memorials in remembrance.

    A neighboring department puts 343 flags on it's lawn every year. Very cool thing to see.
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    I think now a days some people in the US take things for granted.


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    We've started holding our county memorial service on 9-11. It's the event we use to note those who have answered their last alarm throughout the county (whatever the reason), and to note the events of 9-11.

    It's a great way to cover both bases. Some years the turnout is better than others.

    We used to do the memorial service during our county convention, but we haven't had one of those in a while.
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