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Thread: Critique my resume?

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    Default Critique my resume?

    I would like a second opinion (and maybe a third, fourth, etc.) on my resume; what is good, what needs to be changed/removed/added to make it better. Unfortunately I couldn't attach it as a Word document, so you can't see the format, but what format(s) look(s) good?

    John Smith

    Colorado Springs, Colorado 809**
    Home: (719) 555-5555
    Cell: (719) 555-5555


    To gain employment with a Fire Department.


    Currently enrolled in a Firefighter I academy
    Ride-alongs with CSFD and Tri-Lakes Fire Department
    Colorado Springs Fire Department Explorer since January, 2012,
    currently in a leadership position
    CSFD Explorer Academy covering the basics of Firefighter I


    Colorado HazMat Ops
    ICS/NIMS-100, 200, 700
    FEMA CBRNE Standard Awareness
    Current CPAT

    High School Diploma
    15 Credits Fire Science
    39 Credits through College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    testing, accepted by many colleges
    3 Credits online pre-calculus (ALEKS)


    Various volunteer work though CSFD Explorer program including:
    Helping Red Cross recover after the Waldo Canyon Fire
    Assisting with the Fallen Firefighter Memorial September, 2012
    Aiding with an annual Volunteer Luncheon put on by the City of
    Colorado Springs 2012 and 2013
    Assisting at the Grand Opening of CSFD Fire Station 21
    Helping with candidate testing for Cimarron Hills Fire Department

    Work Experience:

    Running of my own lawn care business, March 2012-Present
    Employed as a Kitchen Helper at Such-and-such Retirement
    Community April 2013-Present
    Employed at Firehouse subs March 2013-April 2013
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    Check this;;

    Any fire ground experience if even rolling hose, list it
    Or related training

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    Default Just my experience

    Any of the large metro departments won't even ask for a resume and don't care about your experience minus military and college and if you have lived in the city. "Colorado Springs Fire Department Explorer since January, 2012,
    currently in a leadership position"- WHAT LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE?
    Running of my own lawn care business, March 2012-Present- HORRIBLE WORDING.....

    I will get flak here but it is the truth and haters will hate, if you want a large metro department for example Denver, go take the four years and join the military. For example Denver gives huge preference points to military vets. Some will say join because you want to be in the military, which is true it will be miserable if you don't want to be there but it is the best way in the nation to get hired. And, it will be the time of your life, I still miss it from 13 years ago. Plus, if college kids can join explicitly for gi bill college funding you can join for civil service points. Understand all the risks though as well, we are a Nation at war. I have been given 5 extra points all the way to 20% extra for my service, believe me I earned it in the Corps. Look at airforce FD I got a buddy that loved it and they do structural fire protection as well as crash crew so you get the best of both worlds. Start reading all you can read, all you can! I haven't used eat stress or the others that advertise in the forums (which I am up in the air about.....) and I have never scored below a 93 on a civil service test minus one that scored very heavily on personality questions, scored a 93 on the cognitive and some how ended with a 76...... Keep plugging along though is my final piece of advice you will get told no thanks for what seems like forever until you get the one call that will make you know it was meant to be.

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    I would say it can also depend on which state you are trying to work in

    If you are ff certified, paramedic, pretty clean and seem like you know what is going on, you have plenty opputunity to get hired

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    Telling me that so-and-so is bad is entirely unhelpful unless you can tell me why and what would be better.

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    Your resume is messy, keep it short and simple. Consolidate your CSFD Explorer stuff and remove the extra crap "leadership position" "covering FF1" --- just put "Colorado Springs Fire Dept. Explorers program"

    Education, dont put credits. College name and dates attended. take out "accepted by many colleges"

    Volunteer, take out the CSFD part.

    Work experience, take out "employed at", thats already known. Capitalize the Firehouse Subs's name and add job title. Your lawn care business is worded bad.

    I agree with what CFD11 said. Google resumes for a better format. I cant tell you how to word your stuff, but I cant tell you when I look over resumes, "leadership position" or "accepted by many colleges" dont hold any weight. If youre going to add a point to something, be specific.
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    The majority of HR's and fire departments could care less about a resume'. They look at what you put on the application. Education is a must. A lot require at least 2 years of college now day. Some like for you to have EMS and some FF cert's. While others don't care how many certificates you have adoring your wall of your room. They will train you to their standards and if you pass and graduate, they will give you the appropriate certificate.

    You have to complete the application completely, leave no unanswered questions.

    If they call you to take the written exam you have to achieve the best score possible to be invited to that the cpat, or physical agility portion. Then you are ranked and are called for interviews if you are high enough to be called.

    Military is a big help and veterans will get preference over you. Just a few weeks ago Boston hired 51 new members, ALL were Military Veterans!!

    Remember nothing counts until you are hired, graduate and have a badge pinned on your shirt. Then you are on probation for a year.

    Good luck.
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    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    New social media policy in place
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