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    Default Paratech monopod and bipod set ups

    I am looking for capacity information for Paratech monopod and bipod conversion kits. We recently got both for the regional team in Pittsburgh and were working with the monopod last weekend. We had some discussion about using these for lifting operations. I think the capacity of the system is much more dependent on the capacity of the rope than the strut itself. The tie back capacity is dependent on how it is rigged. I wanted to see if anyone had done any testing on these systems or had recommendations on how to rig them. Pictures are attached (hopefully). Thanks.
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    The paratech strut is pretty beefy based on the paratech website. Keeping the strut length shorter than 10 feet improves it's numbers. It seems to me that the rope and rigging will establish the strength rating. I will have to break out my trigonometry book to get real numbers.

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