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    Default workouts to get in shape

    I'm currently in high school, I'm planning on attending the fire academy next year.. I'm 6 ft 5 and in decent shape, though I don't workout on a regular basis. I have been told to hit the stair master but wondering what some other good workouts may be to build stamina. Thanks in advance for any input/advice!

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    Crossfit, dude...enuff said.

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    I have personally lost 145lbs. And this is how I did it, Burn more calories than you take in, Lift heavy weight with low reps and walk until you can jog, Jog until you can run.
    Eat clean, If you have to eat out Arby's roast beef is very very lean and I usually get two sandwiches and knock off the top buns and forget the fries. Water water water. Keep that stuff flushed out of you. And if you absolutely have to have carbs or something not good for you then I refer you to the Mens Health magazine eat this not that which helps out tremendously.

    What works for me may not work for you. Experiment and like snowball said crossfit is amazing.
    Hope this helps
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