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    Default Current member & former member Questionnaire Recruit, Retain & get back members

    Does anyone or has anyone did an in-house questionnaire
    We are currently struggling to recruit new members do to the small community with very limited member potential. We are also having a problem retaining members, in the last 3 years we’ve lost 4 members dropping our current “Actively” responding members from 12 down to 8.
    We won a SAFER grant in 2011, but so far are having very limited success with these programs. We have too many factors facing us and going against us when it comes to Recruitment & Retention.
    We want to write up a questionnaire to hand out to all of our members and a separate one to send out to all of our former members. For our current members we want to know why they joined, what do they like about the dept, what they don’t like about the dept, what makes them stay, what they’d like to see changed, what they would like to see added to help with recruitment & retention and any idea’s they have to help keep members and help recruit new members.
    For the questionnaire for former members, we want to know why they join initially, what they liked about being a member, what they didn’t like while they were a member, what was the reason they are no longer a member, and what it would take to get them to come back.
    Has anyone every done one of these questionnaires? What was the response, good or Bad? Did this help your dept make changes to better the dept?

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    We have used this type of method for feedback in out dept. I acutually stole the idea from a larger Vol dept. in the state. It is a great way to find out what is on the minds of your members.

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    We are a very small rural dept that has a great group of members, but are problem is recruiting and retention (do to our area and everyday life). We only have about 5-6 who respond on calls and have lost 5 young guns over the last year. We just want to see what our members are thinking, how they feel, etc and see if we can find ways to keep members and maybe get some insight into what made people join us (sp the ones new to the area or who run with us that don't live in this community).

    We we awarded a SAFER Grant in 2011, So far we have had some pretty good luck. Even thou we lost 5 members over 2 years, we have gained 5 within the last 6 months and have 3 former members possibly coming back. I just want to get inside our members heads and help improve our chances of keeping these new members and once these former members come back, have the ability to keep them this time.

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    Volunteer or paid doesn't matter.
    The crew dogs likes to know their efforts are appreciated.
    Doesn't to be anything more than a simple sincere thanks occasionally.

    Do the white hats sit in their ivory tower and command from above ??? or are they part of the crew??

    What requirements are put on them for training? Does everyone have the same requirements?

    Do they have a say in how the dept is run?
    Are they allowed to take on responsibility or do they have to ask for permission to take any initiative?

    Are they trusted to get the job done without being second guessed or monday morning quarterbacked?

    Are the young guns allowed to grow into leadership positions? or held back because they "are just kids"???
    Is there a good ole boys club that is set in their ways & unable to listen to the "kids" ideas?

    /Just a few ramblings from an old guy

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