Digital Wave Corporation(DWC)( is working with the US DOT on a study program to extend the useful life on SCBA cylinders. Currently SCBA cylinders have a 15 year useful life which is based on the Special Permit these cylinders were built to. In order for the DOT to approve this life extension, the DOT has requested DWC to perform some additional tests via a study program. If approved by the DOT, this will have massive cost benefits for SCBA cylinder owners going into the future.

The DOT has already sent out the below PDF(I hope I attached this the right way) to numerous fire departments. Digital Wave is looking to receive any SCBA's that are at or near their condemnation date that you would be disposing of. If your department has any such cylinders that you can donate to this study, we would be very interested in getting these from you. We will pay for the cost of shipping. Please read the attached notice from the US DOT that outlines the study. Please contact me if you think you have any you can donate or if you have questions.

Selection of SCBA cylinders-MT070913-R1.pdf

Thank you in advance,

Mark E. Anderson
Digital Wave Corporation
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