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    I'm in my senior year in high school, (I live in Florida) I am planning on attending the local fire academy next year and complete the Fire and EMT courses. I'd be finishing both courses at age 20, Then I plan to begin volunteering at some of the local departments. One of the things I am not clear on is the hiring process. I know 3 or 4 guys who got hired locally within 2 years of finishing school, I've heard that some people apply for the job then take the test, would I have an advantage having already taken the written and agility test before applying? Yes I know these are basic questions I just like to be prepared. Also any advice to make myself "look good" and increase my chances of being hired? Thanks in advance!

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    You have to apply and normally test for each city that advertises an opening

    Best advice stay out of trouble not even a parking ticket

    Get in physical shape

    Test anywhere and everywhere

    Check this::

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