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    Default Forth Worth FD 2013 - Hirinh

    Well everyone, looks like Fort Worth is looking for a few new firefighter trainees! So let's start a discussion on it.
    I took the civil service exam for Houston FD earlier this year. My rank was 130 out of 2,000 test takers. Houston hired 180 recruits. My devestating end to my hiring process was missing the 1.5 mile run by 8 seconds (first time I think I ever cried as a grown man). But life goes on and everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately Houston FD only hires about once every 3-5 years, so when I saw Fort Worth hiring, I knew this was my second chance at my dream job.
    If I can just get selected to move on to the physical agility phase, I think I can make this happen.
    From what I've heard, Ft Worth is only hiring 30-40 recruits?? Anyone know?
    What about the exam? Houston used the FST exam.... What does Ft Worth use?
    The FST (Firefighter Selection Tool) is a difficult test. The highest score anyone of the 2,000 test takers in Houston got on it was a 96 (I think). Nobody scored a 100 (without those 5 military points).
    Well anyway, I wish you all the best of luck on the civil service exam Nov 19, 2013!

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    Have you thought of getting ff certified and paramedic ?

    Ups your chances of getting hired at a lot of departments

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