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    Default Getting back in the game.

    Hey guys i've been tossing this idea of getting back into the fire service around for a little now. I started volunteering when I was 19 and was hired as a full time FF/EMT in the SouthWest when I was 21 and finished my Fire degree. I successfully passed probation (I actually really enjoyed the challenges of it) and was looking forward to my career in the fire service and retiring at age 46..jk

    Long story short for two months at the end of my probation I worked a LOT of codes and had put in around 700 hrs of OT that year. So yeah I was a bit stressed and family and old friends were 2k miles away. I worked a code on a younger person this January that really shook me up and it was probably the 4th one I did that week. This was a little too much for me to handle so my station crew and I went to a CISD where the guy told me horror stories about children dying and how it was possible for me to start hearing voices and that I was in the wrong career field (he has been banned now). So I went on med leave until I ran out of vacation and I turned it in. This was in January.

    I have been working on myself and working out of getting out of that depressive episode that lasted a few months.

    The question is how would I go about getting back into the fire service? I assume start volunteering to see how I handle it but i'm not sure if they would even let me or consider me a liability. I worked on a contract hand crew this summer doing wildfires which was fun but damn I miss being with the guys and making a difference.

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    Sounds like volunteer is the route to go

    Just set down and tell them your story, see no reason not to give you a chance

    Than from there see if you want to start applying for a full time job

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