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    Default Fire dept patches

    I am a retired volunteer firefighter from NJ. When my 7 year old was old enough to understand that her daddy was a firefighter. She asked me why i told her it was because i was a person who did not think twice about lending someone a helping hand no matter how they were to me. So when i was 16 i figured the best way to spread my joy of helping people would be to join the fire department. There i could help many different people that needed help. In 2007 i left the fire department due to health issues i became a diabetic and started having back problems. So we moved out to TN. My daughter has been with me off and on facebook i joined a lot of firefighter groups and she asked me about the patches. I explained to her what they were and why they all were different. She asked if she could have some to hang on her wall said it would keep her safe with all the firefighters in her room. So i am reaching out to all the departments and asking if you would be so kind to help my 7 year old daughter fill her wall with fire dept patches that she calls here heroes ? Our Address is 197 Hummingbird ln Cookeville TN 38501

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    So was your daughter 7 and you were still a firefighter

    Or is she seven now and you still consider yourself a firefighter

    How long were you a volunteer

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    She is 7 now. We were going through some old photos with me in class A uniform. She started asking questions so i sat down and explained what a firefighter is. I showed her my patch she asked if other fire departments have one and that she wanted to see theirs. So here i am we decided to make a wall in her room with fire patches. I volunteered for 21 years. And yes once a firefighter always a firefighter.

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