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    Default Fire Academy Recognition

    Hi all, i'm new to the site and have a few questions about fire academies, this seems to be the best place i could find to ask the question. I live in California and from what i hear the California firefighter 1 academy isn't accepted in many other states, this may or may not be true. I would like to know the answer to that myth and if it is true, where can i take a fire academy that is high recognized throughout the country? I have nothing holding me down to stay in California and i'd like to keep my options open.

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    That is true.
    If i were you I would look at some other academies that are IFSAC certified. I believe that CA and FL are the only non IFSAC states. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.
    I believe there are a few academies in Southern California that are IFSAC approved.

    I have been hearing that reciprocity in other states is in the process of changing. If you aren't planning on staying in California, I would go through an IFSAC approved academy.

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