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    Default Helo SR - Extrication/Rescue Equipment Question

    Hello All,
    I am a member of a helicopter S/R organization in AK. I have been discussing with my crew members what we would be able to accomplish if we were required to extricate a patient in the field of a downed aircraft or trapped under any condition. We fly in a Bell 412, limited by weight restrictions, and dont have any current tools that could be used. Since we have harsh winters where we are located and access to additional resources is severely limited and requires extensive time ranges, I am looking for light weight extraction tool kits that we can have in our helicopter. We would need basic hand tools (haligan, crash axe, etc.) but I dont know what companies make light weight hand tools that can be used. Any recommendations for tools, strategies, equipment kits, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello SRAlaska, check out the Hurst tools at http://www.jawsoflife.com/en/category/specialty-tools for some small hand powered hydraulic tools. Also my company make a Mini Jack and stabilization set that can be seen at http://www.bigriverforge.com/RescueStrut.htm and look for a set called HRJTAS.
    Thanks, Jay

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    The handpowered Hurst tool is a good option. However, You can will get a ton of use out of a recipricating saw. I am partial to the 36V Lithium Ion Bosche equipment as the batteries have a power indicator on them. Perfect for folks such as yourself who may not be able to have a charger mounted in the aircraft. Furthermore, we do a lot of training with military assests that havethe same operational requirements as yourself...light weight, all purpose gear...The Bosche tools have held up extremely well and the battery life is phenomenal.

    Feel free to contact me offline at jmatthews@technicalrc.net if you need to.

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    I got to handle a Genesis hand vario combi tool. Some Air Force Pararescue guys were trying it out. We were able to completely tear a car apart with it. Takes just a little longer. It's super light for what it does.
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