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Thread: Wearing military uniform to oral interview board?

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    Hi Jim,
    I have been away from the boards for a while so I apologize I did not get to weigh in before your interview. After reading all of the posts, I really liked the one from Blackhawk driver. I so much agree with educating a person on why you do or do not do something in the fire service. A simple yes or no is not always the best method, particularly for someone who is just learning about the fire service.

    As has been pointed out above - THANK YOU for your service. We will see this on your application and resume. Coming into the interview wearing your uniform is a bit weird. More importantly, it makes me question your availability to work for my department. We are hiring NOW because we have openings. A Fire Chief may be reluctant to hire someone who has a previous military commitment. Yes, I realize there are laws regarding this, however, you bring it to the forefront by wearing your uniform (I hope this makes sense).

    I was never in the military. I, however, really respect those who served. I find former military men and women do extremely well in the fire service. Best of luck to you!
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    I passed the oral interview with an 83%, ranked 102 on the eligibility list.

    Unfortunately the dept is only looking for ~16 new FFs and only the top 50 are moving on right now, so I guess it's wait and see how many pass the PAT and background

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