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Thread: Vindicator Nozzle

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    Quote Originally Posted by FyredUp View Post
    I don't claim to be an expert on the Vindicator but I believe it has to do with the air induction at the base of the nozzle. The design is very similar to a foam tip that inducts air to aerate the foam.

    And then again I could be 100% wrong.
    I thought I was wrong once... it turned out that I was just mistaken...
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    Quote Originally Posted by deputychiefgonzo View Post
    i thought i was wrong once... It turned out that i was just mistaken...

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    We have used the vindicator for years and it works very well. I don't care for the version on the master stream, even though it flows over 1000 gpm I don't feel it has the reach and hit that a solid stream has.
    Never had a wind driven fire with it, but I have similar concerns about its ability to get deep to the seat

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