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    Question Should I even bother?

    I've been wanting a career in the fire service for quite a while and have done a lot to prepare (FF1&2, military service, volunteer firefighter, one test to go for my paramedic), but lately I've been a bit freaked about my driving record. When I was in the service I wasn't the best driver and got several speeding tickets. The last three years had been good, but I had a string of bad luck this year and have had 3 accidents, one of which I received points for and the other got thrown out when I did defensive driving school. I know most departments go back about 5 years on the driving record, so I'm wondering, should I even bother testing or should I just wait a few years for those tickets to go away?

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    Its good practice for when you put all that stuff behind you.
    Also.... You never know what can happen.

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    Check different department web sites, some put the disqualifiers on them if not found give them a call

    Each dept sometimes have different disqualifiers

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    Take every test you can. You will find, as stated above, the more you take the better you get. Not every department cares as much about some things as others. Driving record, drugs, credit reports, criminal history can differ from place to place.
    Some things that would be an automatic disqualifier for some is something they will consider with others. I think education and military experience will put you through with most palces.
    Just keep it clean from here out. As they say with radiation, time and distance.
    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    Depending on what shows on your driving record, you may not be hirable as an EMT for a private ambulance company. I have heard of similar instances where people could not get a job because the company's insurance carrier would not allow the person to drive the ambulance.

    The next place this will come up is during your background investigation. Of course you will be questioned about your driving history. Lastly, depending on where you would potentially get hired, you may be required to have a psych exam. The concern would be that you believed that the traffic laws did not pertain to you. This would raise issues.

    One would question "a string of bad luck". Only you know the truth.....

    Those were all of the negatives about your situation. Now for the positives:
    You cannot change the past, but you can control the future. Time is your best friend. The longer it is since your last infraction, the better. You have another one and it is the continuation of a pattern.

    Best of luck to you!
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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