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    Default Psych test prep

    Preparing to take psych test which I have never taken one before has anyone purchased captain bobs psych test prep?

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    Has anyone
    Taken a psych test with over 500 questions?

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    I would be very careful about "purchasing" anything to prepare for the psych exam. I took one for my current position and the psychologist asked if I had purchased anything to "help" me pass the test. THis is my personal experience.
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    I'd agree with Chief Lepore. If you don't already know he's a great resource regarding testing/hiring and I would trust his recommendation.

    IMO it doesn't hurt to educate yourself on what to expect. ***Just so we're clear, I don't mean googling how to beat the test or googling the test!*** Luckily, I had a friend in the psych field that was familiar with it, so I asked him about it. Wikipedia might have some info too.

    I've never had issues with someone thinking this was trying to cheat the test either, as I have been asked a similar line of questioning that Chief mentions. On a side note: same thing goes for the polygraph (if you anticipate one of those in your future), and again I don't mean looking up how to beat the poly. For me, just finding out what they measure, how they work and how they hook you up helped calm me knowing what to expect. I would have been freaking out had I not found out ahead of time that they can take hours (as one of mine did)! I thought they were a quick thing, just like in the movies right? Ha!

    Sorry, back on track:
    I've taken several psych tests and the most common one I've run across is the MMPI-II (I think I have that name right) which is 400+. When I started to learn about it you quickly see how it isn't possible to fool these types of tests because they have certain indicators that can tell if you are lying, trying to mislead, trying to look too good or even too bad, etc. in addition to what types of personality you are or any areas that could be problematic: schizophrenia, hypochondriac or just plain nuts (technical term ). They also ask the same questions in different ways multiple times, so it's very hard to create a consistent false persona. Just answer the questions honestly.

    Along with that I would also recommend answering the questions quickly (gut reaction) and to try to avoid over thinking them. That has really helped me the most. On my first attempt with these types of test, I think I read into and over thought the questions and ended up with an 'inconclusive' result. Just answer the question that's asked, only that question as it's worded and don't look back. Since then I've taken it 3-4 times and no issues with moving on in the process.

    Just my experience and opinion. It's normal to worry about these tests, but try not to let it get to you.

    Disclaimer: The above is the author's personal opinion and experience and is not the opinion or policy of his department or of the several voices in his head.
    Nothing is as unimpressive as someone who is unwilling to learn.

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