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    Default Reporting Software

    I'm sure that there is a thread for this somewhere, however I have been unable to find what I need. Our department is currently in the process of finding new reporting software. We are not a large department by any means; 2 stations - 28 paid personnel. We are currently using Fire Programs and have been for the better part of 10 years. We are looking at switching to EmergencyReporting and I wondered if anybody had any input, good or bad.

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    We just started using it and we love it.

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    Check out PublicEye and see if you like it. Amherst and Bedford Fire Department are replacing their MDT to smartphone and tablets using PublicEye software. This software not only provide incident report function but also more advanced features to mobilize firefighters such as accessing to 911 calls detail, building pre-plan, GPS unit location and fire hydrants location.

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