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    Default EMS-EMT Basic jobs

    Ok needing a little help here. I been a EMT for 10 years now I love EMS however there is not a lot of jobs here in the bluegrass state for EMT-B. Myself and my family for like to relocate but I'm not having much luck with jobs searching online. I have applied with Richmond Ambulance Authority is VA. Do any one by chance know of any were else EMS wise that is hiring EMT-B. Yes I have my NREMT so that should not be a issue. I would like to stay east of the Mississippi
    and maybe north east ( New England ) area. Any and all help would be great. I would prefer 911 and not taxi transports. Thanks ahead of time I know this is a fire page so please don't eat me alive I also been a Volley Firefighter for 11 years. I just prefer the ambulance and rescue

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    RAA is one of the most progessive EMS agencies in the US. I hope you'll hear back from them, they've got a very talented staff there.
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    Try the forum emtlife.com as well, they will have some more EMS focused advice.
    As for jobs, there are EMT-B 911 jobs scattered everywhere. Your best bet would be places that tend to have single role EMS as opposed to fire-based (aka not places like Florida or Maryland).
    The Philly suburbs on both the Jersey and PA sides usually have someone hiring--I think Trenton EMS is hiring right now.

    Have you thought about getting your paramedic? It would be a huge pay raise and make you immediately hireable almost anywhere in the country. Even if you can't do it just now, I would recommend you get it ASAP if you think you're going to make EMS your career.

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    Yes I thought about trying for my medic. I had to drop out due to my son being born early and we spent a lot of time the NICU. However the main issue with that is the cost. 4000 to 5000 is a lot of money for a family of 5. I also thought about the Advanced EMT. I just need to find a nice place for my family and a service that wants a EMT like my self. I'm aggressive and care about what I'm doing. I really do love EMS and rescue. Just Kentucky is so stuck in the good ol boy system. They do not want the type of EMT I am.

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