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Thread: Low pressure combo nozzles and compressed gas fires.

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    Default Low pressure combo nozzles and compressed gas fires.

    We are looking at purchasing new nozzles, specifically low pressure constant gallonage combo nozzles. We had a sales person in the other day and he told us to be careful about purchasing nozzles that operate below 75 PSI because they won't work on compressed gas fires. Can anyone expand on or confirm this, it kind of sounds like BS to me. After being behind a 50 PSI nozzle with a wide open fog pattern the stream seemed to move a ton of air and the dropplets seemed small enough to absorb the heat.

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    We switched to Akron 75/175 nozzles a few years ago. Have them on all our 1 3/4" lines @ 200'. We pump them at 1 pressure and get between 160-180 gpm depending on the tip. Why depending on the tip? They have adjustable tip which can be removed and are then a smooth bore slug. Pump operator doesn't know nor care whether nozzleman has the adjustable tip on or not. Gives nozzleman his choice of what "world" he is in and wants to use.

    Have not heard of any issues with compressed gas fires.
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    If Fyredup meanders his way into this thread, I'm sure he will have some good insight for you.
    What I can tell you is that we use Elkhart Chief fixed low pressure nozzles on Dept 1, and have begun the switch to them at Dept 2, and I've never had a problem with either of them doing anything.
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    As an instructor having taught hundreds of gas fire evolutions using both 100 psi and low pressure combination nozzles I would say any nozzle pumped to its proper pressure works just fine.

    My suspicion is this salesman sells automatic nozzles that operate at 100 psi and doesn't want to be boxed out of the possible sale.
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    Agreed. This his a bunch of garbage. Flow is what puts out fire, not pressure.
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    absolutely. And in this day of short manpower, reducing the burden on the nozzle is never a bad thing.

    fixed gallonage nozzles, like the Elkhart Chief, Akron Assault, and TFT Metro, have been around for MANY years now. Depts keep buying them. If there were some fatal flaw, you'd like to think we'd have heard all about it by now.

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