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    Default Explaining resignation

    Hey everyone.

    Have a pretty significant 2nd interview oral board coming up and was hoping for some advice on explaining my resignation.

    I resigned from my previous private ems job pending an investigation of me forging a nurses signature.

    Resignation was mutual and I've since been employed at another private ems company.

    Thanks in advance.

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    So what was the true story

    Did you do it??

    If so that is what you say, not sure how to explain it unless you have a real good story with back up

    How long ago

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    Resignation in lieu of being terminated is going to be viewed the same as being terminated. Forging a nurse's signature is a big deal. Unless there is something that I am missing here, I don't see an easy way out of this.........
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    hey man. had a similar situation. wondering what you did. long story short, i resigned from a full time FD because of issues with a commanding officer on my shift. I did not have the ability to change shifts trust me I tried and spoke to my captain about it and he brushed it off. The asst chief said it was not a possibility to change shifts because "he didnt want to make anyone mad that a probie was changing shifts for no reason" I was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I have kept testing and actually scored number 1 on a local FD's test. I had my home interview and didnt hear anything for months. I called and spoke to the asst chief at that department and he stated that I was not going on in the process and it was because I left the other FD in a short amount of time. He even said he did not know if it was anything bad or what the reason was but he said it was a "red flag".

    It really sucks because I have a lot of experiance both fire side of things and EMS side. I am still friends with a lot of the guys from that FD and they all still believe I got screwed. I've used other commanding officers from that FD as references but still no go.

    Let me know man.

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