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    Default FDNY EMS - 2013 eligibility list

    Did anyone hear anything yet? I received a receipt in my e-mail, and mailed in my affirmation form, but no word on a list number or anything yet. Wondering if anyone is familiar with this process. Thanks.

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    I got really excited when i received a letter from DCAS the other day, but it turned out to be just an "acknowledgement notice".

    It read, "This is to acknowledge receipt of your application for the above examination. All candidates will be notified of their results when the eligible list is established."

    Guess we need to wait a little while longer for that list.

    Anyone with experience know how many classes FDNY usually puts through Ft Totten from each list? And how long will they hire off of this one? I didn't qualify for any extra points so I'm wondering how far down the list they usually get to before starting the next one.

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    Does anyone know when I join FDNY EMS how long I must be EMS until I am able to be promoted? What if im not eligible to be promoted when the test date in announced but I will be eligible by the time of hire to firefighter? Any advice on this?

    I figure I can get hired by FDNY-EMS by the end of 2014-- Do you think I can take the promotion test right after im hired??

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