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    Default Integrated ladder belt or seperate???

    I am just getting finished with my entry level training and during ladder work I could not do a leg lock without getting my bigfeet stuck .I am wondering if having my gear modified to have a built in ladder belt (morning pride) would be a good investment or just use a stand alone belt that I would just grab as needed.

    I talked to my chief and he said we don't do much ladder work and we currently don't have a ladder truck (that should be changing in a few years). He also mentioned that I probably wouldn't want to be carrying the integrated unit around all the time as it would get heavy.

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    are you a clown or something?

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    check out fire engineering training minute videos. Ciampo has a short video of doing a modified leg lock that works pretty good. I dont like leg locks and wouldnt want to be hooked to a ladder if you have to get off that ladder quickly you are screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squad1LT View Post
    I dont like leg locks and wouldnt want to be hooked to a ladder if you have to get off that ladder quickly you are screwed.
    The above sums it up for me.

    I have never done a leg lock outside of being taught how to. Quite frankly its a useless technique.

    In my experience its far more likely that ladder will spin to the side if you distribute your weight that far over and at that point I don't want to be stuck in it. (someone should of course be footing that ladder, but manpower issues don't always make that a possibility in the real world)

    My bunker pants have the Gemtor harness with the large pompier hook that can be clipped onto a run if needed. Its hardly any added weight.

    If it matters that much to you, carry some webbing and a large carabiner you can just wrap it around yourself and clip to the rung.

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    Gemtor 541NYC will solve this issue plus a few you didn't know you had. I have one and after a while you forget it's there.
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