I'm going to be taking one of these in the next few weeks, and obviously there is no real way to study for it. I'm not asking for answers here (obviously) , but seeing as how it's my first, I'm just generally trying to get a feel for what to expect on this monster. I think I've taken one before for an old retail job, asking questions like "You catch a co-worker stealing, you report him to the supervisor". Obviously, you'd say strongly agree. But then I'm hearing questions like "There are times in my life when I have not been successful and I am able to get over that quickly" , "I believe that I will be successful in the things I try to accomplish in my life" and "I rarely get into arguments with my family at home".

In these questions, I've noticed that you can always apply an answer to the extreme. Like I said, I know it's to measure your life experience, but the lady I spoke to said not to hug the middle or stay entirely to the extreme, so with that in mind how do you know which ones to answer correctly? I'm 100% sure these questions are common sense on whether to lean toward agree or disagree, but when narrowing it down to strongly agree or just agree, It's strange.

By the way: questions I posted above are not on the test, just ones I pulled off of some websites doing research.