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    Default AFG Grant for AEDs

    Hey guys,
    I have been put in charge of getting a grant to obtain AEDs for all of our trucks. I was wondering if anybody has any information on writing a narrative for AEDs or if you have a narrative that I can look at to get a good idea of how to start.


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    Not sure about a narrative but obviously NFPA 1901 for vehicles reference AED's on all fire apparatus for our safety. I am sure there are other NFPA and AHA standards to cross reference.

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    1901 only requires them on new vehicles, so maybe not that strong a reason.
    Not saying it's a bad idea to have them on every vehicle in the fleet,but statutory regulation is a stretch on this one.

    Some ideas to research: How many FF deaths due to SCA in the past year where AED's were present , or not.
    What percent of LODD's were due to SCA in this country?
    How long before an EMS unit with a defibrillator can reach one of your FF's in arrest?

    Just some idea to make a compelling narrative.

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    I have another question about applying for AEDs. In the following question, should I enter the amount of the AEDs if we are applying for funding to use them for ff use? We do not provide any ems services, so I am not sure whether to put in the dollar amount or not. Thanks, shane

    * From the requested activities, what is the total dollar amount requested for EMS equipment, supplies, training, etc in the Request Details of this application? If none of the items requested are for fire-based EMS, then enter $0

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    If you are getting the AED's to just protect firefighters and if you do not provide EMS services to the public for which the AED's would be used, enter 0 in that question and then list them in request details.

    If you provide EMS services to the public and the AED's will be used for the public, then enter the dollar amount in that question as well as request details.

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