I'm not a firefighter yet, just trying to move into that field. I've completed the initial wildland fire training in January 2010, but a foot injury kept me from completing the pack test and getting my red card. By the time it healed, I missed out on the hiring for that year, and my career took a turn after I started working as a fisheries observer on the commercial fishing boats in Alaska in 2011. I've done that for the last 3 years, and I have about reached my limit. I enjoy the challenging work environment, but being a government watchdog and not being able to trust the fishermen I work with entirely is very stressful.

I was wondering if anybody could tell me how people with biology work experience are viewed by people hiring new wildland firefighters? I seem to have worked myself into a corner since my college degrees are in agriculture and wildlife management, and most of my experience is in marine fisheries. I don't have the education to continue in fisheries, and I don't have the experience for most wildlife jobs I look at, but I have too much experience for most internships. I'll be 28 next year, so I'm also not a shiny new 18 year old like a lot of new wildland firefighters I read about seem to be!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!