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    Default Pre-hire Medical Exam/Psych tests experiences/information

    Hello all,

    I wanted to post a thread about this topic and get an idea about other peoples experiences with this. I am in the top 25 on the most recent process for Minneapolis Fire Dept, applying this past January. What should I expect in the Psych test/interview? I am assuming that it is up to the local MD's on how strict the medical exam is? I am 29 years old and in good shape so I am not too concerned. I was active duty Navy for 6 years and experienced the Military entrance exam, and then recently did it all again for Navy reserve. They check you out in every which way possible! So, if anyone has any info or can share any experiences that would me greatly appreciated!



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    Sounds like you do not need to worry much about the medical, sometimes they are not much more than a once over and lab work

    as far as psych, that can go differnent directions



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