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    Default Hello Radio Tech/Eng from Missouri

    First off I am not a FF. I have been a radio system eng/tech for over 16years now. So I thought I would join this group, to share some of my knowledge and gain some from people in this forum.

    I have experiance in most 2-way radio technolgies today especially APCO P25 trunked.
    I do have experiance in Mototrbo and NXDN although not as much as P25.

    I always like to get input from the actual users point of view, as you cannot be the best systems eng/tech you can be if you do not know how the users use the equipment.

    I also have first hand experiance in major disater scenario, and what I have learned as far as communications during and after a major disaster.

    PS. I am not a dealer/vendor, I work for a city goverment. So I will not and cannot sell you anything.LOL Just thought I would throw that in there.

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    Welcome to the asylum! It's always good to have somebody around who knows a lapel mic from a stub antenna.
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