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    Anyone ever have tank water that smells like rotten eggs? What's the cause of this?

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    Are you filling off a hydrant system or drafting from ponds/ rivers?
    If drafting it is usually caused by organic matter dissolved in the water breaking down/decomposing causing off gassing of hydrogen sulfide.
    Water with high levels of magnesium or tannins will also give off some really obnoxious smells after sitting for a bit.

    A quick solution is to flush the tank regularly and add a little bleach to keep it smelling better.

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    You can dump a few gallons of bleach (more or less depending on the gallonage) and circulate the water through the pump and back into the tank for about a half hour. Drain the tank and ALL lines and refill with water from a hydrant on a city water system. Always drain water drafted from ponds, rivers, or other untreated water supplies after a fire as soon as possible.

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    We have to drive 20 miles to get hydrant water from a city supply so we just flush & dump water once a month .
    some of our dry hydrants are cleaner than others so thats what we try to fill the tanks with after use.
    When the town department sends a tanker or engine down our way on mutual aid they always return home empty and refill with hydrant water.

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