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    Question Resumes for inexperienced firefighters, what do you include on yours?

    Hey folks,

    I'm a 27 year old with a BA looking to move into the fire service as a career. I'm presently an EMT-B and finishing Fire1 in 2 weeks, which I'll be proboarding. I have proboard hazmat ops, rescue site ops, and EVOC, and I've got a short list of courses I'll be taking next year, including a few rescue tech disciplines and paramedic.

    I know paramedic changes the game and makes me very hireable, but until then I'm looking at semi-related jobs like IFT EMS, and I'm not going to turn down a chance to apply into the career service if one turns up. I ultimately want to be a Fire Medic / HazMat Medic, but I ain't getting any younger, so getting into the career department is a priority.

    When I'm making a resume that wants to be somewhat fire-specific, should I omit qualifications and certifications from other fields? I've worked for several years as a pharmacy technician and I'm a certified pharmacy technician. I presently work at a psychiatric hospital and so I'm certified in crisis intervention and physical non-violent restraint techniques as well as some other odds and ends.

    In the rest of the world, I'd include those sort of "as related." I'd probably not emphasize that I can hold a dude safely if I was applying back into pharmacy. I'd probably include my CPhT regardless, because it's a certification that demonstrates learning etc etc etc.

    I'm not sure what to include for fire service though. I am a volunteer, but like I said, I'm green as heck and just finishing Fire 1, so I don't have a lot of fire-specific experience to show.

    Basically, I'm wanting to front-load fire and general important information (my degree) on this thing so as not to send the interviewers on a chase for the relevant info, but I also don't want to include a bunch of rubbish.
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    Throw it all in

    Just do not have to go into detail

    Check this


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    just curious... where are you trying to get hired on at?

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    I don't have any particular stations lined up. I've put in an application for my local DFRS on a lark, but I may not take it as it might be smarter to get my paramedic card first.

    I'm mainly going to be looking at stations that hire individually in surrounding counties in MD and in Eastern WV and southern PA. Ultimately I'd like to work for one of the county systems in central MD, but like I said it might be better to wait until I have my medic card first, both to improve my chances and also because I'd rather have it done than have to work around work to do it.

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