This for sure wont apply to the majority of companies but thought I would see whet some of your preferred techniques are. Attached is an example of what I am talking about, although what I don't like about what is shown is the lack of ability to lower said load all the way back to the ground. In this example you can only get back to the same place you started.

For me if I am in aide climb I like to keep myself separated with my anchors from the loads anchors. Also I dont place my lowering device onto the anchored line. I will take my 5mm cord and make another anchor point with it (placing the lowering device onto that). This way I am able to remove the anchored line (removing the original anchor knots from it), giving the ability to lower full length if need be.

I understand this is a bit of a loaded question in some ways, and yes, I know the go to way is to just clip on a MA and haul away. I'm looking for deeper answers then this though using your ability to trouble shot and build a system from scratch.