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    Default Poor Driving Record

    I am 29 years old and finally deciding that being a firefighter is my calling. I've lived my whole life a good citizen i.e. no drugs, no alcohol, no criminal history, etc. Unfortunately, I have one of the worst driving records known to man. I got my last ticket a year ago but it was a big one. I was given an 18 point ticket that the court later dropped to 9 points. That and another ticket caused my points to go over the edge and I lost my license...again...for the third time:mad. I know that's pretty bad considering not one suspension was the result of a DUI. I know Denver has a 24 month limit on a suspended licenses. Is this something that they may look past considering this is the only infraction? Also, is there any other cities in the US that are more lenient when it comes to driving records? I get my license back in Mid January right around the cut off for enrollment.

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    best thing to do is check each city web site

    some put the disqualifiers on

    do you have any certs yet???? emt or para

    check this weekly::


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    I dont have any certs yet as I was planning on going through their training program. If I get a positive response from the commission I will try to get cpr certified that im required to get and move forward from there. Denver says that there needs to be a 24 month gap between losing your license and being accepted into the fire training program. Although, along with the list of disqualifications it seems to say that you can write a letter to the commission and they can look past that on a case by case basis. They are taking their time getting back to me. A little nervous for the time being.

    Thanks for your time and link.

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    I had a pretty bad driving record when I was hired by the Houston, TX in 1996, but not quite as dramatic as yours, SL. Between speeding tickets, reckless driving and a suspended license due to those infractions, I was turned away from consideration with Fairfax County, VA. Before I was administered the polygraph in Houston, I was asked if I had any questions or concerns. I brought up my tickets and I was told that if I had not received any tickets in the past calendar year, then don't worry. Shortly after that, I was offered a position with Houston Fire.

    Good luck!
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    Every department is different and 1996 was a long time ago. I can tell you that just as much of a consideration as the poor driving record would be the disregard for laws. THis would be something that would be an issue during a psych exam (if one is administered by the department). Additionally, a drivers license is required to apply at most places. Lastly, the agency's insurance carrier may have an issue with you driving a fire department vehicle.

    The good news is that this all gets better with time. DO NOT incur any more traffic citations. The longer it goes without having another issue, the more you can say that your driving issues were a thing of the past. Conversely, the next traffic citation you get is a continuation of the problem. Have you considered selling your car and riding a bicycle (sorry, I couldn't resist :-)?
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