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Thread: Paid Fire Departments in Texas?

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    Default Paid Fire Departments in Texas?

    Hello guys,

    My name if Airrick I've been a volunteer for 6 years at a small department. I am wanting to pursue a career as a FF.

    At this point I'm almost finished with my emt-b and will soon have advanced certification with the SFFMA.

    However financially paying to go to a fire academy right now is out of the question (I also cannot receive federal aid for college) I would ideally like to start working soon, if not I will continue working on my SFFMA certifications and just challenge the state TCFP exam.

    However until then I am looking to apply to departments that pay recruits to attend and im attempting to gather a list:
    whitichta Falls
    San Angelo

    Is there any others that do not require certifications or college hours?

    Thank you!

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    The other thing is I do not think they care what the college hours are in

    So do some basket weaving or something

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