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    Default Salt Lake CIty Fire and Rescue 2014

    Heard that SLC Fire and Rescue will be starting to establish an interest list on January 1, 2014. Much more info on their site slcfire.com! If anyone has tested here before, maybe you could share what their written exam is like? Thanks

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    I tested with them last year. They did the test in the big sandy city expo center where all the gun shows and boat shows are. There was about 1k people testing. If I remember right they only allowed people with their interest cards in to register for the test.
    The written test was pretty typical. I believe the cutoff was the top 200/or>80% score (whichever is smaller).
    After that, they do the some sort of psyche video test, then physical and oral board interviews. List is good for 2 years or so.
    Minimum requirements was just a high school diploma. I don't think they even required EMT, but they could always change that.
    Hope you're taking Unified's tomorrow!

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