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    Default Portable Radio Labeling

    Our county has/is moving to a new radio system. We have received new portables which are all assigned to certain pieces of apparatus or certain riding positions. These portable radios do not have a digital screen to show the identifier or assigned location of the specific portable. That said I am looking for a some way to tag these portables so they do not get mixed up. I can break out the old P-Touch labeling machine but was looking for something more permanent and durable. After some searching I am having trouble finding anything and can't believe someone hasn't come up with something yet. Any suggestions?

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    Permanent marker??

    Do you need to see the marking at all times, or can you take off the battery and mark the body

    And if need be mark somewhere that it is visible

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    Yes. That would work I was just looking for something that could be purchased to be a bit neater and organized. I could certainly use a marker, PTouch label, or an engraver. I can't believe with everything made for the fire service that no one makes a band, clip, or whatever.

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    The permanent way is to have the radio case engraved.
    Ptouch or other labels come off as do paint pen or markers. There are makers of sticky tag property markers, but again they can be removed.

    Our local trophy / engraving shop charges $4.50 per radio to engrave ours with dept ID and #

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