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    Default Your thoughts on FLIR K40 or K50

    Anyone willing to share their experiences with either the FLIR K40 or K50? Looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thanks in advance.


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    Have no experience with either. Keep in mind, repairs will need to be shipped back to Europe I belief for any issues.

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    Default NFPA Compliance

    I too am interested in any experience, especially with the FLIR K-50. The company has a lot of experience outside of the fire service. This is their attempt to gain market share. The official line is that the K-40 and K-50 are designed to NFPA specifications. But no independent testing lab has tested for compliance. A FLIR marketing person indicated that they hope to start testing in 2014. This seems to be a weak response by someone who hopes to sell their products to the fire service. The issue is quite simple, purchase 4 K-50's, one for each of our first response engines, or purchase only 2 of another manufacturer for the same price.

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    We have had a Flir K-50 in service for probably 4 months now, and we have been very happy with it so far. The actual image it provides is top notch, and comparable to any other imager we tested, and superior to many. The lanyard system for carrying the TIC is not the best or the worst in the world, and the truck charger is a little on the large side, and not the most robust. Overall when comparing image quality, ergonomics, and battery life, we could not justify the additional cost of any of the competitors over this camera. We were able to purchase quite a bit of other equipment we needed with the $4000 we saved by going with the Flir. So far I could recommend this camera to anyone considering it.

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    We're in mid Indiana. On the IL state line. We have been using a Cairns Viper since they came out several years ago. We demo'd Scott, MSA and Argus. At the last minute I emailed FLIR to request a demo for the K40. A WS Darley Rep called me 5 minutes later and arranged a demo for us yesterday evening at 6:00pm.

    FLIR is a trusted name in this industry. Police night vision helicopters use the FLIR cameras on the nose...right? They used to make the internals for the MSA camera until they announced their own entry into the market. They make their own unit. The warranty is 2 years total and 10 on the internal components. Nobody beats that. The standard features beat everyone elses. You get 5 view modes, it's a nice size/weight and batteries are inexpensive to replace. The other models we demo'd only had one view mode. 4 hours run time each battery. Properly sized large screen. Truck charger station is an extra $750. But so is everyone elses. Also any software upgrades are free from FLIR.

    For a price of $3940 versus everyone elses $6000+ it was a no brainer. Darley says they sell them 4 to 1 over their MSA and Argus models. We could find no faults with the unit. It will do anything we would expect and more. Sure beats our old Viper.

    When you make your own units in house...the low price becomes understandable. They don't make bunker gear and fire helmets. Nor do they make SCBA. They make imagers for military and police. And now fire service. So the price advantage isn't because it's not a good device.
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    So my department just got the flir k50. I have yet to use it on a fire just yet but right out of the box I'm skeptical. I tested it side by side of our old msa evolution 5200. Shine them both on a person, the flir k50 is showing people to be 82-84 degrees, where the old MSA is showing people at 96-98 degrees. So which is more accurate? Yes I'm sure the skin temp is 82-84 and it is showing on the skin. But body temp is obviously going to be closer to 98 degrees. Shine it in a cup of water of cold water, flir shows 30 degrees, MSA shows 55 degrees? No ice in the water and it wasn't a block of ice so I'm guessing it was much closer to 55 degrees. Why the difference? I don't know.

    So why does this make a difference, especially when you are looking for a hot fire? I've used it to find people in car wrecks that were ejected in a brushy area down a hills on a dark night. On a warm summer night it could very well be 82 degrees and if that is what a person shows up as, they could hide very well. But it is pretty unlikely it will be 98 degrees out in the dark most anywhere. It also makes me question it's ability to penetrate. If it can't even show a persons accurate body temp because it only shows what their skin temp, is it only going to show the temp on the surface of dry wall and not the hidden fire under the drywall? Also I don't even understand the cup of water. It makes me thinks it's just less accurate. Most of the time I use a thermal image camera accuracy is very very important. A few degrees of accuracy can make a difference between what I think looks like a suspicious heat signature and not...............Jury is still out on it, but my initial impression is not good so far.

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