Hi folks,

I'm rather new to this sight, been looking for a couple months. Not too new in the fire service, as I have 10 years on 2 VFDs under my belt. Primarily a Wildland Firefighter, and experienced in nearly all aspects except Incident Command. As for my career, I work at our family business. We own 2 companies, one representing machining facilities (mostly Oil/Gas Industry components), and one selling Pumps (Mud Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps by CET). Been in the pump business for just over 2 years, been a sales rep for a total of 5......took a break in there to try my hand at back breaking work for minimum money, lol! We also operate a very small 100 acre ranch with a few cows, goats, and horses. Free time is spent hunting, fishing, and hanging with my family.