Hey everyone, just popping in to introduce myself.
My name is Stephen, I'm 22, just got picked up part time at one of the busiest departments in the Salt Lake county area! This is my first fire job, and I'm super stoked to start!
I've been testing, and going through all the certification classes for about 2 and a half years at this point. My long term goal is to get picked up/promoted to full time with the department I just got on part time with.
I've been lurking in the forums quite a bit while I was waiting to get my profile verified. There's a lot of good tips for new boots I've found, and can't wait to start on the job!

I've already ordered a new phenix leather helmet with bourkes and goggles, the super wack pack from the fire store, and plan on carrying 15 nails, 4 huge wedges, a bunch of cherry bombers, and 2 window punches in the rubber on my helmet. I also plan on carrying the biggest leatherman, 100' of 550 paracord, 2 life ropes, and 3 rescue knives in my bunker pants....I'll be the coolest recruit ever...(just kidding, I won't be 'that guy')

Anywho, stay safe everyone!