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Thread: Paramedic Student, where to go from here..

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    Default Paramedic Student, where to go from here..

    My name is Andrew, I'm a Paramedic Student at Edward Hospital in Naperville Illinois. I took EMT last year and excelled. I placed very high on my Medic Entrance exam. I enjoy my work as an EMT even though I work for a private. The day to day patient transports are boring but give me opportunities to practice skills like suctioning and getting really sound with vitals. I have run a handful of emergency calls and they are always good learning opportunities.
    I have a full year until I test nationally as a Paramedic, and i'm just thinking about my future. I have an associates degree in Fire Science, and plan on finishing my bachelors. Being just 20 years old I have a lot of time to make these decisions but I always like to have a plan. A lot of people I know just get their Medic so they can be fire fighters, which I don't necessarily agree with. I too would like to be on a Fire Dept, but I enjoy working EMS, regardless if I am on a Private or not. What should be my next step? There is a volunteer dept. next to me in Glen Ellyn. I am qualified to apply for a position there and did some research. They contract their EMS to PSSI. is this a good place to start? or would it be detrimental to me to go through a Volunteer/contract EMS dept. or to just test at other Departments? I dont have a lot of resources in the Fire Service so i thought i would post, i'm just not sure where to go from here.
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    I too am a paramedic. My advice is would be to start volunteering with a fire department. You are already getting exposure to EMS through your job and you will be getting plenty of EMS calls in paramedic school.

    Volunteering with a dept will get you to experience the fire side of things as well, it will give you a chance to get to know the ins and outs of the fire service and network with people and that is always a good thing especially when you are looking for jobs. Its certainly not going to hurt you so why not?

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