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    Default Shooting response/scene SOPs/SOGs

    While chatting with a friend on a medium sized department last week, he said the ambulance and engine stage on the corner of the address so that the police cars don't block the fire/EMS rigs out. Seems like it could be a little close to the action...

    Does your department have SOPs/SOGs for responding to and operating at shooting incidents? Are there pre-set staging locations (three block, a side street, etc.?), does someone stay with the vehicles and what about keeping peace officers with firefighters for safety?

    Also, can you communicate directly with the law enforcement responders?


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    We don't have any written SOG for shooter incidents, but we are trying to establish one. It's difficult for us because we want to make sure that we are on the same page as local Law Enforcement, but they aren't very willing to work with us on it. They think that we should just show up and do what they tell us to.

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    Or SOP's state to stage a reasonable distance from the scene, OUT OF DIRECT SIGHT of the scene. If you can see the address, they can see YOU. And the scene may not even be at the address the call came from, or it could easily be spread over a block or two. Reasonble distance can be 1-6 blocks depending on the location. We're supposed to have ballistic vests ON when exiting the vehicle on scene. Our engines don't have vest so they send 2 medics and a EMS supervisor. We have a police/fire channel, but it's rarely used. The super's do have all the police zone channels so they have the same channel the police are operating on. That way they know what's going on and can relay to the other units and fire dispatch quicker.

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