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Thread: Gas Mask for Vinyl Record Fumes

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    Default Gas Mask for Vinyl Record Fumes

    I'm going to be cutting some vinyl records with a hot wire (it looks like this

    I am making vinyl coasters, they look like this: I plan to make 200 of them.

    I googled and found and but am not certain how credible they are. Needless to say, I am concerned about the fumes.

    I plan to cut my coasters with the hot wire outside, with a fan blowing the air away from me

    Is this enough protection? Do I need some sort of gas mask? What kind? Do I need a respirator with a refillable cartridge system? That might be a bit pricey, and I would opt to wait until I made and sold a couple dozen before buying something like that. Would that be safe? How lethal is burnt vinyl?

    Any advice would be welcome, and maybe you know some sort of safety guidelines or personal that could advise me further.


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    I think you want the "recycled vinyl coaster forum", not the FIREFIGHTERS forum.
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